Chicago ’17 // The Art Institute of Chicago

Hi !

Today I’ll be telling you all about one of my favourite places in this city, which is the Art Institute of Chicago. This art museum has a lot of paintings and work from artists for its permanent collection and there are also several temporary exhibitions that could catch your eye if you are planning to visit.  You can check them out here.

In the permanent collection of the museum you can enjoy of paintings from artists like: Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Diego Rivera and many more. There are also several collections taking place in there, there are: architecture and design, textiles, photography, impressionism, contemporary, modern, european decorative arts, renaissance and lots more.

Design pieces at the architecture and design collection.
Van Gogh and Monet’s work at the impressionism collection.

A museum is a place to go and admire the works of art that have been made along the centuries. It is also made for artists to gain inspiration for their future works. I really enjoyed this museum because you can see how the art trends change from century to century.

Andy Warhol and Picasso’s work.


Grant Wood’s famous “American Gothic”.

TIP: for visiting museums and attractions at Chicago I really recommend for you to buy the CityPass. This pass gives you access to the Shedd aquarium, Skydeck, Field Museum and you get to choose between the Adler Planetarium or the Art Institute and 360 Chicago or the Museum of Science and History.  I made the math for the tickets individually and you really save lots of cash by purchasing this pass. It also gives you fast pass access to certain places, so you won’t wait in line.

I hope this has helped you out for your next visit to Chicago, if you have any questions make sure to leave it in the comments below or contact me through my social media:

  • instagram and twitter: andreave98

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