Chicago ’17 // The bean and Millenium Park

Hi guys, today I’ll tell you all you need to know about one of Chicago’s most emblematic- yet most recent- thing to see.

Cloud gate a.k.a. “The bean”

This emblematic sculpture can be found at Millenium park, one of the places where most people go to. The sculpture will have people taking pictures most of the time, but it is your job to find a good spot so your pictures are not too crowded.

Millenium park is always packed with loads of people, specially on weekends. A local told me that on summer months they organise a different festival every weekend. I was lucky enough to experience the blue’s festival.

The park is pretty good to just grab a snack on one of the stands that there are and lay down on the grass or sit on a bench and watch how people come and go.

There are also a some interactive fountains next to Cloud Gate that have human faces on them and will “spit water” in a certain amount of time. Also, crossing the Millenium park you’ll find yourself at the Buckingham fountain, I was not lucky enough to go visit it but was able to watch it from my uber and it was quite lovely and huge.

TIP: if you are going to stay for a few days to visit places I really recommend for you to stay on one of the hotels near Michigan Ave. or as most people call it “Magnificent Mile”. The distances from shops, restaurants, Pier, 360 Chicago and Millenium park are walkable. Though I recommend that for the museums you ask for an UBER or Lyft. A car is NOT necessary in Chicago, since everything is really near and parking too expensive.

I stayed at the Homewood Suites that is located near this avenue. You can find them here. The views are fantastic, the service is really nice and the place is really clean


My hotel room view. Behind those buildings is the Michigan river.


I hope my experiences have helped you organise your trip, I’ll be posting more about it. If you have any doubts do not doubt to leave a comment below or contact me on my social media:

  • instagram and twitter —> @andreave98

Thank you!



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