NYC 2017 // Times Square and Broadway

Hi guys! Now it is time to tell you all about the heart of New York, Times Square.

This place will be filled with people any hour of the day, it is always lit up because of the advertisements and it is always alive. I believe this place is principally why they call NYC the city that never sleeps.


There are lots of stores for every age. For kids there are Disney and a huge Toys R US, for adults and teenagers there are Express, Forever 21 and other clothing stores. I really recommend you to visit the M&M’s and Hershey’s store.

At M&M there are lots of things (chocolate) to buy. There is a whole wall filled with tubes of M&M’s of each color and of each type (normal, peanut, pretzel)  and you can fill your own bag with the colours you wish, I believe 1/2 a pound was worth $6.00 so it is a fair price for delicious chocolate. What I did with this concept was to get little bags of M&M’s of each color for my friends, and they were really cute souvenirs.

There is also a huge souvenir store in Times Square, if you are standing facing like the picture above, the store should be at your right. It is not difficult to find and it is always crowded so you’ll recognise it easily. At this store I bought all the other souvenirs for family and the rest of my friends and I can tell you that prices here are very varied so there is a lot to choose from.

I also recommend for you to visit Times Square at day and night, both ways it is beautiful and everyone needs a picture of each.

Right below the red stairs, from where I’m standing in the picture, are the ticket sales of all the broadway shows. If you did not buy yours online and with time, you might get a shot to buy tickets for your favourite musical. But be careful, tickets for that same day can be too expensive, that is why it is better to buy them with anticipation.

I got the chance to watch Cats and Cirque du Soleil’s “Paramour” and they were both really good. Cats is a classic that everyone needs to see, the music, acting and dancing from all the artists is wonderful.

Paramour is a great love story that will have you at the edge of your seat, so I really recommend that if you are going to the city in the next month or so, go watch it. It has only 1 month left! For this play I had the chance alongside my group to meet a part of the cast and they were all really nice and professional.

Sorry for the quality but the light did not help at all.

Thank you all! See you soon,



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