NYC 2017// Empire State Building and WTC


Hi! Hope you are all doing well.

Today I’ll continue with my NYC trip since I saw that you guys liked the other posts. Now I’ll continue with my visits to the Empire State building and One World Trade Center.

At the Empire State there was a dynamic elevator that played a video in which you are participating in the construction of the building. It was really fun and when you arrive at the top you can see the whole NYC skyline!

Be careful out there though, because the wind can get pretty strong and the shadows pretty cold. Also, it is almost mission imposible to take a good picture up there! I had to hold my hair the entire time because if i didn’t it would’ve flown all over the place.

Make sure you take lots of pictures outside, since you never know which shot might be the right one and this is one of the iconic must-have picture from NYC.

There are also good spots to take pictures inside the only thing is that you won’t get a shot of yourself with the rest of the city.


One World Trade Center was a similar experience as this one. We went up the tower (a few stories higher actually) and we were able to see the skyline but now with the ESB in the background. So you can actually get pretty cool photos up the tower.


Tickets for the empire state can be purchased here .

Tickets for the One World Trade Center Observatory can be purchased here .

Thank you all!



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