NYC 2017 // Touristic attractions

Hi guys! I’ll continue telling you all about my experience in NYC. Now I’ll be talking about some touristic attractions that I had the chance to visit, like:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Empire State
  • Times Square
  • Brooklyn Bridge

First, I’ll tell you all about my visit to the Statue of Liberty since it is the most memorable of them all. Why? because that day was the first one I ever saw snow, so you may understand my excitement.

First we arrived at battery park, where we started to see snow fall in larger amounts. I did a whole photoshoot there, it all looked taken out from a christmas movie. IMG_8005

After we spent some time there taking pictures, we got up on the ferry that was going to take us to the Statue of Liberty. I seriously recommend for your health that you stay inside the ferry when it is very cold, since the cold air will hit you if you are outside. If you are feeling hungry or in the need to drink something warm, the ferry counts with a little food shop where you can purchase stuff.

After some time we arrived to the Statue and we started watching that everything was full of snow, and just as we were starting to take pictures, the wind started blowing really strongly.

A serious tip that I want to give you guys is the next: if your phone is not and iPhone 7 (mine is iPhone 6) do not take it out of your bag! I was taking pictures with my cellphone and all of a sudden it turned off, and I still had plenty of battery on it! I then realised that it was due to the cold and to the snow falling all over it, so I had to  go and look for a charging space in order to turn it on again. This happened to me all day long, so be careful with it and the best thing you could do is to buy a portable battery, they are lifesavers.


(That is seriously the best picture I could get, yay!)

After taking our photos we were on our way to a cafeteria they have there with really good looking treats and Starbucks coffee (yum) and after that we were back on our way to the ferry and back to manhattan.

Hope you liked the experience and some of the tips that I left you!

I’ll stay in touch,




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