NYC 2017 // Whitney Museum

Hi guys!

Today I’ll be telling you all about my favourite part of my trip to the city, which is the museums!

I had the opportunity to visit:

  • Whitney museum
  • MOMA
  • MET
  • New Museum
  • Guggenheim
  • American Museum of Natural History

I’ll be telling you all about my experience in these museums and some tips for you to use.

First I visited Whitney Museum, I can tell you that the paintings that are located here are extraordinary, very pleasant to watch and also very interesting. In their collection they have from paintings to murals to pictures. As I went with a large group, most of the times I did not pay a ticket, but I will gladly leave the link here. Tickets go from $19 dlls with anticipation to $22 dlls a night before, this are fair prices since what you’ll see inside is incredible.


IMG_7451A tip I’d like to give you in case you are not that interested in paintings and you enjoy photography a lot more, or if you do enjoy art but also want an amazing view of New York’s  skyline, is to go to the last two floors and as you leave the elevator to the left you will have access to an amazing terrace that has beautiful views of NYC. Such as these:



I would also like to add that, if you are visiting with a study group from school or just friends that really enjoy art like you do, ask about the workshops or courses the museum offers. The one that I had really let me grab a sense of interest into art and the meaning it may have. I will also share with you the collage I created with my friends.


This work has a personal and general meaning. Personal because it is visible that each teammate placed a personal touch on it. It is general because as you can see, there are parts of a NYC map attached to it, but everything around it is messy and we relate this to the daily life of NY, since it never stops and it is so diverse with so many things going on in it.

I really hope you enjoyed a little bit of my experience on this museum. I’ll be telling you soon all about the other ones.




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