NYC 2017 // museums

Hi guys! I want to tell you all about another great experience I had at the Museum of Modern Art, a.k.a MOMA.

This was such a good place to visit, and from all the museums I had the opportunity to go to, this was my favourite.


This museum is organised in a peculiar and fun way, since each floor separates a decade of art. I recommend that if you are going on a fast trip, go directly to the last floor where you’ll be able to see incredible paintings from Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Monet, Frida Kahlo, Sartre, Diego Rivera and many more artists.

If you are going to the museum with a good time frame, make sure to visit the other floors, they even hame expositions some times in the year. The other decade I was glad to go to where the 60´s, because it was full of colours, lights, shapes and even furniture !


I was in awe the whole museum, especially with the huge Monet wall and the Starry night from Van Gogh.  I really recommend for you to go with time and really enjoy the beautiful paintings that are displayed.

Make sure you consider the closing hours, since it closes 5:30 pm, except on Friday which is at 8:00 pm. Also consider that to enter any museum in NYC, you’ll have to leave your bags (if they are too big) and your coats (if you are going on winter).

I really hope this information has been useful to you and in the case that you have visited MOMA, what was your favourite thing?

Thank you!





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