New York 2017

Hi guys! I hope your 2017 has gone perfectly so far!

As you can suspect, I’m back to tell you all about my recent trip to NYC! This was a trip I had been planning for months and I can only tell you that it was the best one so far!


I had already visited the city once, but it was a long time ago and I could not go to many touristic attractions and on this trip I was able to check out every single thing from my list. I really want to tell you guys all about it and on the way give you some tips and things I did and used to make the trip and the tours easier.

So, for instance, I will be making a post about each day I was  over there.

Day 1. 

I traveled almost all day, since I arrived at the airport early in the morning and my flight was supposed to depart at 2 pm. I can say that despite the hours of waiting for my flight to leave I had a comfortable experience and I even got to see the beautiful sunset from the airplane window.

I arrived with my group at around 7 pm and I got to my hotel at 9 pm. We stayed at the Staybridge Suites hotel that is right in Times Square. I really recommend it, since it had great service, a very good location, hot breakfast included and I even had a little view of Times Square from my room.

TIP (be careful it might get you into trouble with the hotel staff):  go to the 32nd floor and go to the rooftop. I was there with my friends for about 10 seconds but I can guarantee you that the view at night is totally worth it.

This was my first exciting and exhausting day at NYC, and wait for more because it gets better and better.

Thank you all!




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