Orlando, FL – Universal Studios

Hi guys! I’ll be continuing the post about my trip to Orlando in 2015, but I will be now writing about Universal Studios and Island of Adventures parks.

First of all, to buy tickets I recommend that you buy a hopper pass because the Universal Studios park is small and does not have many attractions. With this pass you can take advantage of time to visit Island of Adventures.

  1. Universal. There are few attractions such as: The Simpson’s ride, Transformers, E.T. and many more that are must-visits. You’ll be spending a good time in this park and also you will finish it quickly because of the lack of shows and attractions. Be sure to try beer from Moe’s tavern.
  2. Island of Adventure. This is a must-visit park, considering that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is here. There are different sections in this parks such as: Harry Potter, superheroes, cartoons and greek mythology. You’ll be spending a good time here and there are lots of attractions for all ages.

I’m sorry if I do not have any pictures to show you, but I do not look good in any of them.

I hope you liked my suggestions and please comment if you have any doubts.



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