Orlando, FL- Disney parks

Hi guys! Today I’ll be telling you all about my trip to Orlando in 2015 (long time ago I know) but I had not been able to narrate my trip to all of you.

First of all you’ve got to go to the main attractions, such as: Disney and Universal Studios.

For Disney Parks I do recommend for you to buy tickets that will give you access to several parks in several days, this way you won’t have to buy tickets separately and you’ll be able to go to all 4 parks (without counting waterparks). I do recommend for you to visit all the parks you can and I’ll give you some tips for this:


  1. Magic Kingdom. It is the biggest park and most crowded one too. This means more lines to get to the attractions and also more time to walk through the whole park. I recommend for you to visit this park at the middle of of your visit to Disney Parks, considering that if you visit this one first you’ll end up very tired for the next day and if it is the last one you go to, you’ll already be tired of all the other parks and won’t enjoy it. Consider that you can carry your coolers for beverages such as water, cokes and energy drinks. And you can also enter the parks with food and snacks. 112
  2. Animal Kingdom. This is a small park, but you need to arrive early because they generally close at 5 pm. The safari is the main attraction so you should be paying attention to the schedules of departures. There are plenty of attractions and also different characters to meet that are not easily found in other Disney parks at Orlando or LA.249
  3. Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is the park where most of the big attractions are such as: Tower of Terror (which is about to close) or the Rock n Roller Coaster. Although the amount of attractions is a few one, the lines are very big so be sure to take your time. There are lots of shows in this park so pay attention to the schedules so you and your party can enjoy them.
  4. Epcot. This is a park that is focused more to the culture around the world. If you are visiting with children, I do not recommend for you to spend extra money in a park that they won’t enjoy 100%. If you are one of those people that are interested in culture then go ahead and be sure to visit!
  5. Water parks. I have not visited any water parks so I wouldn’t be able to recommend them to you or give you any tips.

I really hope that you consider my recommendations for your next visit to Disney and please if you have any recommendations of your own be sure to share them with me! Also, if you are left with any doubt be sure to ask me! I will gladly help you out.



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