The French Quarter, NOLA 

Last year I was able to have a road trip from my hometown, all over to Orlando, FL. 

We made few stops along the road to stay the night and then continue our way, and one of them was New Orleans, LA.

As soon as we arrived we went to the French Quarter and I was able to experience all kinds of things there. There are lots of music, art, culture, history, and restaurants, all of this awes you by the richness of it.

I was able to try the beignets of Cafe du monde which is a cafeteria that has been open in New Orleans for centruies. The beignets and coffee were very good and a little taste of what this beautiful quarter can offer. 

There were also little streets where you can walk and appreciate the french arquitecture. All the colors blend in a colorful way that wherever you look, there will be colors. There is also a bay where boats are and some of them even give tours around the mississippi river. 

At Jackson Square (located near the bay) there is a church called St Louis Cathedral. What I learned from its history is that it is the oldest church in the US that still celebrates masses. 

I do not have much pictures of myself in these places but both pictures above give an idea of it. 


Thank you,

Muchas gracias! 

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