Pueblo Mágico Santiago, N.L. 

In my hometown, there is a little village (by the highway Monterrey-Cd. Victoria) called Villa de Santiago. It is formed by a bunch of colorful houses that have an antique air and in the center of the village there is a plaza.

At this plaza there are several restaurants that I truly recomend for a date, an out with friends or family, and for breakfasts. The night life there is something very pleasant and has a mexican air.

Also at the plaza there is a park with fountains and a church. This church is dedicated to Santiago Apóstol and is very big with big sets of stairs. These days they have been having celebrations towards him and that is why the church is decorated.

If you are watching the church from the front, there is a street at the left of it where there are wings for people to take pictures in and colorful cement blocks with piñatas. They are very good locations as well as in front of the church or at the colorful houses surrounding the area. 

At some point in the year there is a kermesse celebratedat the plaza and many people go to the games, for mexican food or just to walk around. The atmosphere is really good and for all ages. 

A little bit ahead on the highway there is a place called El Cercado and there are many restaurants, parks, and little stores around. On a street that goes up to Cola de Caballo*(horse tail) is an ice shop called Heladerias Regia where they serve probably the best ice cream in Monterrey. There are many flavors and you can even combine them!

It reeaalllyy deserved a snapchat on my story. I ordered oreo and did not get tired of the flavor or anything. Also, there were plenty of cookies. Yay!

I truly recomend that, if you are not much of an ice cream person or just love it but can’t finish a bunch of it (like myself), order the small or medieum sizes because they put alot of ice cream anyways. Mine was medieum sized.

Hope you loved a little bit more of my Mexico 🇲🇽❤️


Thank you,

Muchas gracias!

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